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What benefits do I get from moving my web hosting to your servers?

You will get high quality after-sales services, because the technical support portal is user friendly and most user friendly. You will also benefit from the high performance of our e-mail servers and the availability of the website, but the hosting services do not include content management services, which means that there is no possibility to change the design, including content, images and text, except for attribution to the company that created the site.

Why is the customer required to explain his idea in detail in the form of benefits?

Since it is not enough to specify only his idea, but it requires details because this affects the cost greatly, for example, the "cart" feature for stores that have only a mail address and password for the purpose they also require a mobile phone number for the purpose of follow-up, survey and send promotional messages including This requires activation using an automated code sent via SMS in order to further secure the account when the store includes promotional messages or electronic payment.